Back to School!
It's back to school and all that goes with it - school supplies, new teachers and new friends! Check out the Principle of Peace for some tips on how to get along with others. This little video contains excerpts from "6 is Peace". And remember - it's the sharing that counts - today and every day.
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It's an earth friendly video series for kids, eight videos in all, each one about a different aspect of our connection to each other and to the Earth.

Bring this animated series into your classroom, your library or your home, and enjoy some charming animation. Treat your class to the wonderful world of Planet Earth and Little Rosie in these charming animated films especially design for children aged 4 - 8. Songs arranged and performed by environmental troubadour & children's entertainer Rosie Emery!
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Eight principles for a better world for children everywhere.
The Little Earth Charter was created to help integrate universal and environmental values into the consciousness of children, our emerging society. It's an audio-visual educational program created by Little Animation and Rosie Emery in consultation with the Earth Charter Initiative.
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Little Animation Inc and the Sustainable Development Innovations Fund with Manitoba Conservation provided funding for this project.
The LEC has been translated by volunteers around the world.

Discover the Little Earth Charter text and activities in the language of your choice right here on our website.

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